We have lots of blocks, chairs, bar stools, and other props available. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll have a look at our stock.  In the near future, we hope to have a clear overview of what’s available and the rental prices.
The same goes for studio and lighting equipment.


Elinchrom RX600
Elinchrom RANGER


Elinchrom  Scanlight (2)

NANlite 300 (daylight)
NANlite Forza 60 B 
Fresnel for Forza 60


LEE Filters

Soft light beauty dish
Large Soft Light Dishes
Octalite (big)
Deep Octa
Narrow Softbox 35x140cm
Softbox small
Umbrellas white/silver
honinggraad / snoot
Diffusor 2mX2m
Lightstands Manfrotto
Manfrotto BOOM on wheels
Small BOOM on wheels
Background support systems
Black / Diffuse Flags
Grip heads / Super Clamps
Flex / Magic Arm
Sand Bags